Turn Active Directory contact information into a Company Phone Book

Most chances your company network is using Microsoft Active Directory as the user database. This means that every person that logs on to the network has an Active Directory user account. This account is setup by an IT administrator when a new employee arrives. Whilst Active Directory is not a phone book at this stage, the account will include both technical and contact information such as the user’s title, department, phone numbers and other details.

If you already have everyone’s contact information in the organization the Active Directory why not turn it into an Active Directory phone book?

Corporate Directory once installed on any computer on the network, will automatically locate the AD server and pull all contact information from it, turning Active Directory into a phone book. It adds a phone book tray icon allowing user to launch the phone book in a click. Corporate Directory uses simple yet very powerful “Google like” search. You can type in full or partial property of the person and you will get instant search results – as-you-type. Corporate Directory helps you find contact details of anyone in your organization in less than a second. The great thing about it is that this Active Directory phone book works off line as well – when you are not connected to the network.

Download a fully functional 60 days trial version of Corporate Directory now.