05 Jul: How do I get to my external website when my AD domain internal name is the same as my external name? Or From inside the office, I can’t get to, but can using after creating an “A” ‘www’ record.

Is your inside domain name and external domain name the exact same? If so, it’s named a split zone. This is a typical problem resulting when the inner Advert title and the external community names are the exact same. Users inside of the workplace, including…

30 Jun: Active Directory: Automated password expiration warnings

The Microsoft Management Console provides plugins for managing many aspects of Active Directory, including user accounts.  The Active Directory Users and Computers MMC plugin allows you to view and manage user accounts, but there are some things you cannot discover, such as last logon time or when a user’s password will expire (if at all).  Password expiration can be particularly vexing for road warriors or those who use non-Windows platforms but still rely on ADS for authentication to numerous corporate resources.  Windows users have two possible means of being warned, and non-Windows users are just out of luck! If you are connected to the domain with a Windows computer, you will be warned of an impending password expiration and be able to easily change your password.  If you are remote, you can probably use a VPN client to connect to the domain before you logon to Windows. If you use Exchange, then you will probably also have the ability to change your password using Outlook Web Access (OWA).  Laptop users may already know that besides the credentials in Active Directory, there also exists a locally cached copy so that users can logon while disconnected from the domain.  Changes through OWA only reset the Active Directory credentials, not the locally-cached copy, so the two can become out of synch.  Users then have to change the password on the laptop separately