Sample Corporate Directory deployment GPO start up script

You may wish to deploy Corporate Directory using group policy. One way to do this would be using a start up script.  Corporate Directory installation need to run under a user context.

Here is a sample script you may use to deploy Corporate Directory in silent mode:


@echo off

:: Declare variables
:: Replace \sharenamesharepathfilename.msi with actual path to installer
set remotesetup=”\sharenamesharepathfilename.msi”
:: Replace filename.msi with actual name of the installer
set localsetup=”C:filename.msi”
set fingerprint=”C:CorporateDirectory_INSTALLED.txt”

if exist %fingerprint% goto :eof

:: Copy installation package
xcopy /y /v /c /q /i %remotesetup% %localsetup%

:: Run installation silently and place fingerprint after success
msiexec /i “%localsetup%” /q
echo INSTALLED > %fingerprint%

:: Remove installer
if exist %localsetup% del /f /q %localsetup%