Increase Corporate Environmental Responsibility by Reducing Printouts

Many businesses around the world are taking initiatives to mitigate their business impact on the environment. Companies are putting effort to know and act on both the direct and indirect impacts of their operations to the environment.
Generally, making a green company may seem to be an expensive and overwhelming task. However, these efforts do not have to be expensive to implement. Experts advise companies to start their initiatives by implementing low hanging fruit projects, like recycling programs, replacing light bulbs and using innovative conservation initiatives. One of the recommended initiatives for companies is using to use Corporate Directory software.


What is the Corporate Directory software?

Corporate Directory is address book software which automatically reads all employee contact information from the company’s Microsoft Active Directory Database. It is the most user friendly Active Directory Phone Book. When the details of a user are updated in the Active Directory, the phone book software is also updated instantly therefore providing all users with the latest contact information.
All the employees already have a record in the Microsoft Active Directory probably with their contact information stored so why not use this information as a company phone book? Using Corporate Directory removes the administrative tasks of maintaining contact information by an office administrator or IT staff by allowing users and employees of the company to update their contact information themselves in the Microsoft Active Directory. Corporate Directory is the best choice for company’s address book software since it makes the process of search active directory much faster, easier and intuitive.


What are the benefits of the software? 

Corporate Directory has many benefits. For example, it enables healthy and effective internal communication in the company. This address book software improves both professional and personal communication significantly since a person can browse the company directory to see peoples contact information, photos and other details they require. This in turn improves good relationships within the company and acts as an important aspect in business productivity.
The company can also customize and choose what is shown in the directory, based on the criteria it uses. For example, it may choose to list specific contacts or users and display various attributes such as employee number, car parking space, address, department manager and so on.
In addition, the installation process is easy and can be up and running in just a few minutes. It can be deployed to all computers in the organizations since it comes as an MSI installation file which is easily installed using Microsoft Group Policy.
Apart from the benefits already mentioned, this software also has many other useful features including:

  • Automatically discovers and reads contact information from the Microsoft Active Directory. No configuration and no additional server required.
  • Display photos
  • Users can update their own contact information back to Active Directory
  • It is available offline – when a laptop is off the network the search will still work as if the laptop is connected to the office network.
  • Can read contact information from an Excel file in addition to reading contact information from Active Director.
  • A company can add its logo and custom title in the application window.

Implement Corporate Directory as part of an environmental initiative

In this modern day and age, steps should be taken by companies to demonstrate environmental responsibility. Businesses which do this portray a good public image and attract more customer interest and relations. Companies which have a negative environmental influence are viewed negatively by the suppliers, customers and employees. Their future over the long term is questioned. This bad image can result to incurring higher costs to save the businesses corporate image, or losing major suppliers and customer therefore leading to failure or even liquidation.
Generally, the benefits of using the corporate directory software are twofold: it reduces costs and causes less harm to the environment. This is because using the software reduces the number of printed paper used, manual updates and saves more time. It is one step in achieving high efficiency levels and is an economical way to operate.

Using Corporate Directory organizational phone book software eliminates the need of printing paper lists every month. Eliminating these printouts by the employees saves the business a considerable amount of printing paper used. This in turn has a positive impact on the environment and reduces overall expenses.

Corporate Directory software can be used by anyone, whether it is a small local business or a big multinational company with thousands of suppliers and employees. Every company should take this environmental initiative as a part of their business strategy.