How to install Corporate Directory with custom defaults

When deploying Corporate Directory to computers in your organization you can use a setting file / answer file that contains custom settings for your organization. This setting file is called: “CustomerDefaultProfile”.

If during the installation there is a file called CustomerDefaultProfile in the folder where the installation file is located the program will import the settings from this file.

Here is a list of some of the settings that can be defined in the CustomerDefaultProfile:

  • The columns displayed in the application window and their order
  • Will the user have the ability to update his contact information back to Active Directory or not
  • What the settings window be enabled or not
  • Default window fade out time
  • Will the application filter out users that do not have both office and mobile phone
  • Will the application filter out Active Directory user accounts that are disabled
  • Additional default Active Directory domain – if the environment contain more than one Active Directory domain
  • Sync interval – by default set to 6 hours
  • And many other settings …

When upgrading Corporate Directory version make sure you use  a CustomerDefaultProfile file or the custom settings of your organization will not be applied and you would need to set them manually.