How To Configure Photos

Perform the following steps in order to display employee photos:

1. Place the photos files (JPG or PNG format) on a network folder with read access to everyone. You need to associate each photo with the person displayed in it. This person must exist in the organizational Active Directory. The recommended way to associate is by naming the photo file according the the person’s email address. For example a photo of Karen Brown whose email is should be named: “”.

2. Create a new user in Active Directory that would store the location of the network folder of the photo images: set the first name of this new AD account to be: “PhoneBook-Settings” (note that the name is case sensitive).

display photos
Add AD user to configure photo display

This user can be hidden from GAL and may be disabled.

3. Go to the “Telephones” tab and write in the “Notes” field the path and file name of the photos folder.

Photo string pattern (example):


You can use more than one variable:

You can use any of the following variables:

1 FirstName
2 LastName
3 Phone
4 Mobile
5 Office
6 Title
7 Manager
8 directReports
9 Department
10 Email
11 EmployeeID
12 Fax
13 Notes
14 CoreID


4. Save the new user.

5. The photos network folder and file names that you have set will update on all Corporate Directory client installations at their next sync interval. If you would like to update these settings immediately right mouse click the application tray icon and choose “Synchronize Now”


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