How to configure Corporate Directory to read information from additional Active Directory domains

Corporate Directory be default will try to connect and pull contact information from the Active Directory domain to which the computer on which it is running belongs to. It is possible to configure Corporate Directory to pull information from other or additional Active Directory domains. This will require network connectivity to the other domains and name resolution.
In order to configure that you will need to add a new registry record for every additional domain. The value of the record will be the additional domain name. For example if you would like to read contact information from a second domain called: “Domain2” you will need to add the following registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareCorporateDirectoryRemoteSourcesAD_DOMAIN02 and give it the value: “Domain2”

After the edit restart Corporate Directory for the settings to take effect.

Additional domains can be configured to be red by default using a configuration file called “CustomerDefaultProfile”. This file can be part of the MSI installation package. For further information send email to our support team.