How to configure Corporate Directory to read contact information from an Excel file

Corporate Directory can read contact information from Microsoft Active directory and / or from an Excel file.
When you install the evaluation version of Corporate Directory a sample Excel file is in stalled in the program directory: C:Program FilesView2cCorporate DirectoryCorporate Directory Excel Contacts.xls
The file name and its location are set by the following registry key:
If no path is specified in this key the application folder path is assumed.
You may use a UNC path such as: \server-nameshare-name and place the Excel file on a network folder. In this case you will need to give read permissions to all people that run Corporate Directory and need to read the contact information in that file.
By default Corporate Directory will read the Excel file structure as it appears in the Corporate Directory Excel Contacts.xls file that comes with the evaluation version. However Corporate Directory can be configured to ready any format of Excel file with any number of data columns. Such configuration needs to be done by our support team. Just send an email to