How to change what fields are displayed in the grid during setup

Corporate Directory setup allows having custom settings during setup by using a configuration file called CutomerDefaultProfile.

If you would like to change what fields are displayed  in the application window and their location you will have to create the configuration file or modify an existing one. This file will be read on first application launch after setup or when the application registyr is completely deleted – HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareCorporateDirectory. CustomerDefaultProfile file should be placed in the application folder, normally c:program filesview2ccorporate directory

The registry key you will need to edit would be: DBS_LOCAL_TBL_COLUMNS_INFO

This key contains all the information about the columns that are shown in the main application window. Each square brackets has 9 properties and holds the relevant information for a single column. Here is the explanation of that information:

Column Attributes : e.g. – [FirstName,First Name,”,’%’,1,1,1,100,0]
Property #1 – FirstName – Database column name – Reserved – DO NOT modify!
Property #2 – First Name – Column Title as appears in main window
Property #3 – ” – Serach method prefix
Property #4 – ‘%’ – Search method suffix
Property #5 – 1 – Flag – (1/0) Show/Hide column in GUI
Property #6 – 1 – Flag – (1/0) Use column in the Search process (query)
Property #7 – 1 – Flag – (1/0) Show/Hide column in the Configuration Dialog
Property #8 – 100 – Column width in pixels
Property #9 – 0 – Column order as appears in the GUI – 0 is the most left e.g 0-Name, 1-Surname ….13-Core ID

In order to place your custom values back to the CustomerDefaultProfile file you will need to use the following syntax:


For example:

“DBS_LOCAL_TBL_COLUMNS_INFO”=”[FirstName,First Name,”,’%’,1,1,1,100,0][FirstMidName,MidName,”,’%’,0,1,0,75,1][LastName,Last Name,”,’%’,1,1,1,100,2][LastMidName,SurMidName,”,’%’,0,1,0,75,3][Phone,Phone,’%’,’%’,1,1,1,120,4][Mobile,Mobile,’%’,’%’,1,1,1,120,5][Office,Office,”,’%’,1,1,1,60,6][Title,Title,’%’,’%’,1,1,1,100,7][manager,Manager,’%’,’%’,0,0,1,100,8][Department,Department,’%’,’%’,1,1,1,105,10][Email,Email,’%’,’%’,1,0,1,160,11][EmployeeID,Employee ID,’%’,’%’,0,0,0,70,12][Fax,Fax,’%’,’%’,0,0,1,120,13][Notes,Notes,’%’,’%’,0,0,0,60,14][CoreID,Core ID,’%’,’%’,0,0,0,70,15][displayname,Dispaly Name,’%’,’%’,0,0,0,120,16][homePhone,Home Phone,’%’,’%’,0,0,0,120,17]”

After you’ve finished editing the CustomerDefaultProfile file use it for deployment on new installations or close the application and delete the application registry -HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareCorporateDirectory on a computer with existing installation and start Corporate Directory.