Active Directory Users And Computers – Users Update Their Own Contact Information

Contact information update to Active Directory is normally done by a system administrator using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool. Corporate Directory allows anyone to update their own contact information back to Active Directory.

Corporate Directory eliminates the burden from the IT staff to manually update Active Directory contact information of employees. It replaces the use of Active Directory Users and Computers interface with a user friendly intuitive UI that every employee can use. This updates active directory attributes allowing other users to see the most resent contact details. No security permission configuration is required for this feature to work.

Self update Active Directory is an optional feature of Corporate Directory. Some organizations may choose to disable it.

Active Directory self update can be done easily by right mouse click on the Corporate Directory tray icon and choosing “Update Personal Info”. In the next window you can update the following fields:

● Phone number
● Mobile phone number
● Fax number
● Office location

Any contact information detail updated by anyone using Corporate Directory becomes visible by all other people in the organization allowing them active directory search of the most recent and updated information.

Keeping Active Directory attributes organized and updated with current contact information of all employees is a challenge most organizations struggle with. Many implement identity management systems and various software tools help with this task. Allowing users to update Active Directory attributes on their own is the most efficient and cost effective way to address this challenge.


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