Shared Excel Address Book

Turn a shared Excel contact list into a handy Excel address book!

Corporate Directory enables organizations to easily turn Excel files into shared contact lists, Excel address books, or phone books. With a few mouse clicks, the Excel files you use every day for contact information such as phone numbers, names, titles, emails, and companies can be turned into a powerful contact management platform. All you have to do is to place the Excel file on a network folder and have Corporate Directory pick it up. Our software, installed on all user computers, picks up the Excel contact information and puts it to work. All contacts are now easily accessible and searchable using an ultra-fast and easy Excel address book.

You are by no means limited to Excel contacts. Our flexible phone book makes it easy to open up your directory to all internal and external contacts. Whether accessed through Excel, Microsoft Active Directory, or other sources, with Corporate Directory everyone in the organization can share and find contacts rapidly and easily. The Excel contact function is especially useful to share among employees contacts of external parties such as customers, suppliers and service providers stored in an Excel address book file.

In addition to Excel contacts, you can export your contacts from Outlook or a Gmail account and have them searchable for quick look up in Corporate Directory. This extensible yet simple interface is easy to use for large networked and small companies whose corporate phonebooks do not connect to a company/organizational network – no need for a server, or configuration. If you do not have Microsoft Active Directory, you can still benefit from this centralized and robust phone book software. Corporate Directory will pull contacts from all your key databases across internal and external contacts.

Sharing your phonebook is easy over Corporate Directory. Simply put all information in an Excel file, and place your Excel contacts in a network folder. That’s it! Corporate Directory can now pick up your Excel address book entries across your organization. Once in the directory, all Excel contacts can easily be accessed by anyone in the organization through the rapid search function.

Updating contacts is seamless. When the Corporate Directory is installed, a default Excel file is placed in the application folder and a shortcut is placed on the desktop. You can input contact data into this Excel address book and Corporate Directory will immediately start reading this information.

Corporate Directory can be configured to read any Excel file structure. Our support department will be able to create a filter to read your custom Excel contact list. Get a custom Excel format filter please send an email to and attach the Excel file that you would like Corporate Directory to read (available for paying for customers).

Once contacts are shared, our smart search engine turns Corporate Directory into a productivity tool. It is not necessary to specify fields by selecting cumbersome dropdown menus and inputting queries into fields. Start typing the name and any other search parameters you want to find and up pops your contact. For example, if you want customer Joe Frank at ABC Company, “Frank” and “ABC” will pull up your contact in a flash. One mouse click and your contact is live, with full details, photo, and options for making instantaneous contact.

Deployment of an Excel address book is easy, and no compromise is made on Corporate Directory’s powerful features and functionality.

Corporate Directory is the fastest and easiest way to create a shared address book.