Feature List

Automatically read contact details from Microsoft Active Directory

Once installed on any desktop or laptop member of an Active Directory network Corporate Directory will automatically locate the Active Directory server and will fetch contact details of everyone in your organization. No configuration and no settings are needed.


Ultra fast “Google like” search on any criteria

Find contact details of anyone in less than a second!
Unlike traditional phone book software Corporate Directory provides a “Google like” search box. You may write any criteria, or partial criteria, of a person and all contact matching this criteria will be displayed instantly. This includes names, titles, departments, addresses, numbers or any other Active Directory field red by Corporate Directory.


Contact information available offline

All contact information that Corporate Directory reads is available offline. You will be able to quickly look up any contact information even when outside the office.


Read Contact details from multiple AD domains

If you have more than one Active Directory domain you can configure Corporate Directory to read contact information from additional domains. For instructions: How to configure Corporate Directory to read contact details from additional domains.


Read contact details from a shared Excel file

You can place an Excel file with contact list on a shared folder and have Corporate Directory to read the information. For instructions see: How to configure Corporate Directory to read contact information from an Excel file. This is useful if you wish to create a shared contact lists of external parties such as customers, vendors or service providers.


Display employee photos

Sometimes it is easier to match a face to a person you are looking for. Corporate Directory allows display of employee photos by hovering the mouse on the person’s  first or last name. The photos need to be placed on a network folder with read permission to all Corporate Directory users. The location of the photos and the way each photo is linked to the correct person and Active Directory account can be easily centrally configured. This configuration will be picked up automatically by all Corporate Directory clients in the organization. For more information see how to configure photos.


Users can update their contact information back to Active Directory

Every user in the organization can use Corporate Directory in order to update his phone number, office location or mobile phone number. This information is updated in the organizational Active Directory so all other users that have Corporate Directory will see the latest contact information. This feature is optional and may be disabled.


Hide unwanted Active Directory accounts from the phone book

Corporate Directory allows hiding unwanted AD accounts from the search results. Normally there are some technical or system related Active Directory accounts. Preventing these accounts can be done by making sure they have no office phone nor mobile phone numbers in their AD record and by selecting the option “Search results must include phone/mobile” in the application settings. There is also a way to filter out AD accounts from the phone book that reside in a specific OU (Active Directory organization unit).


Easy to install on all computers in the organization

Corporate Directory installation file is provided in MSI (Windows Installer) format. You can use windows installer service together with Microsoft Group Policy (GPO) in order to install Corporate Directory to all computers in your organization. This can also be done in a silent way – without user intervention. For instructions see: How to deploy Corporate Directory to all computers.



Give Corporate Directory the look and feel of your company brand. You can place your company’s logo on the application window and you can also customize the phone book text that appears on the top pane.


Install using custom settings

Corporate Directory can be installed to users using various custom settings. This may include what are the fields that are shown on the application window (from the setting menu list), what fields are searchable, what are the order in which the fields are displayed, may users update their own details back to Active Directory and other customization. These custom settings can be recorded in a setting file called: CustomerDefaultProfile and can be distributed with the installation. During the install the application will pickup all the settings from this file. See more information about using custom application settings during install.


Export search results to a CSV file

Corporate Directory allows you to export phone book search results to a CSV format. In order to do this press Ctrl+E keyboard combination while in the application window. A “save as” dialog box will open allowing you to save to file the list of contacts.


Run on Terminal Server and Citrix

Corporate Directory can run on windows terminal server or on Citrix servers  This enables each user working  on a shared server to run his own instance of Corporate Directory.


Number pattern replacement

Corporate Directory allows setting up numbers translation or replacement rules. This allows adding or removing prefixes from numbers based on specific rules. For example: if in your Active Directory you record a 5 digit office extension for each employee you may add a rule to add predefined numbers as prefix to display the complete dialing number for every employee.


Support Active Directory Federated Services for Office365

Corporate Directory supports Active Directory that uses federated services with Active Directory proxy and DirSync server. This allows organizations that use office365 to use Corporate Directory including the update personal info feature.