Active Directory Tools – Automatic Contact Directory Software

Corporate Directory has been rated the fastest and easiest to maintain and use phone book software by organizations because it does not require a server or configuration. This zero administration software installs on every computer in the organization allowing ultra-fast contact details look up. Always available it runs in the tray icon – in a click.

Once installed Corporate Directory will automatically detect the organizational Active Directory and pull all contact information from it. It can read information from multiple AD domains and even from an Excel file placed on a network folder – useful for external party contact lists such as customers, suppliers and so on.

Performing an Active Directory query is faster, more accurate and easier when you use a free text search box – similar to Google search. With Corporate Directory you can find a person by typing his/her title, department, office location or any other AD property. Both end users and IT professionals benefit from its extensible and accessibility. Corporate Directory provides Active Directory tools that everyone in the organization can use. With easy access to contact information, photos and various employee properties, end users are empowered to manage many convenient tasks themselves. You can easily update your records and expand your functionality across internal company contacts, without having to contact IT.

With Corporate Directory, usability improves for everyone in the organization. Our phone book software has been designed to provide Active Directory Tools that everyone in the organization can use, not just the IT staff. With our proprietary Active Directory search technology, your IT team no longer has to use complicated commands such as dsquery user to locate users and contacts in Active Directory. Corporate Directory provides an intuitive user interface that eliminates the need to use complex technical tools such as the dsquery user command to bring you faster and smarter search capabilities.

In place of the tedious dsquery user search outputs that require formatting and cleaning, you can now find anyone instantly. Corporate Directory has a unique ultra-fast search algorithm. It allows users to find contact details of people in the organization in just 1 second. With the instant results feature, you no longer have to deal with the complex interface of an Active Directory search. Performing an Active Directory query is extremely easy, simply start typing by any criteria such as first name, last name, office location, title, department and you get to watch the instant results immediately pop up.

Our software can replace many of the Active Directory tools you may use to export users and contacts. Export the search results, or a complete list of users and contacts from your AD to a CSV file by pressing Ctr+E on your keyboard while the application window is active.

Search results are displayed instantly – as-you-type. For every letter you add, the Active Directory search results are narrowed down and become more accurate. For every letter you remove from the search box, the results become broader. This expanded Active Directory query enables you to search by any parameter in free text – just like in Google. An Active Directory search is now as simple as searching in Google!

Unlike traditional search methods such as a web portal or other phone book software you no longer need to specify the property in your search. When you use Corporate Directory, you simply type “Marketing” in the search box and it will find everyone in the Marketing group or those who have Marketing in their title. For example, if you type “Richard finance” in the search box Corporate Directory will search for Richard in the finance department or for a Richard that has finance in his title. An Active Directory query has never been more accurate.

Watch our video demonstration of Corporate Directory to see how easy and effective the search is.


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