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Below we have listed all Corporate Directory software features. Please check them !

Corporate Directory has been rated the fastest and easiest to maintain and use phone book software by organizations because it does not require a server or configuration. This zero administration software installs on every computer in the organization allowing ultra-fast contact details look up. Always available it runs in the tray icon – in a click.

Once installed Corporate Directory will automatically detect the organizational Active Directory and pull all contact information from it. It can read information from multiple AD domains and even from an Excel file placed on a network folder – useful for external party contact lists such as customers, suppliers and so on.

Performing an Active Directory query is faster, more accurate and easier when you use a free text search box – similar to Google search. With Corporate Directory you can find a person by typing his/her title, department, office location or any other AD property. Both end users and IT professionals benefit from its extensible and accessibility. Corporate Directory provides Active Directory tools that everyone in the organization can use. With easy access to contact information, photos and various employee properties, end users are empowered to manage many convenient tasks themselves. You can easily update your records and expand your functionality across internal company contacts, without having to contact IT.

With Corporate Directory, usability improves for everyone in the organization. Our phone book software has been designed to provide Active Directory Tools that everyone in the organization can use, not just the IT staff. With our proprietary Active Directory search technology, your IT team no longer has to use complicated commands such as dsquery user to locate users and contacts in Active Directory. Corporate Directory provides an intuitive user interface that eliminates the need to use complex technical tools such as the dsquery user command to bring you faster and smarter search capabilities.

In place of the tedious dsquery user search outputs that require formatting and cleaning, you can now find anyone instantly. Corporate Directory has a unique ultra-fast search algorithm. It allows users to find contact details of people in the organization in just 1 second. With the instant results feature, you no longer have to deal with the complex interface of an Active Directory search. Performing an Active Directory query is extremely easy, simply start typing by any criteria such as first name, last name, office location, title, department and you get to watch the instant results immediately pop up.

Our software can replace many of the Active Directory tools you may use to export users and contacts. Export the search results, or a complete list of users and contacts from your AD to a CSV file by pressing Ctr+E on your keyboard while the application window is active.

Search results are displayed instantly – as-you-type. For every letter you add, the Active Directory search results are narrowed down and become more accurate. For every letter you remove from the search box, the results become broader. This expanded Active Directory query enables you to search by any parameter in free text – just like in Google. An Active Directory search is now as simple as searching in Google!

Unlike traditional search methods such as a web portal or other phone book software you no longer need to specify the property in your search. When you use Corporate Directory, you simply type “Marketing” in the search box and it will find everyone in the Marketing group or those who have Marketing in their title. For example, if you type “Richard finance” in the search box Corporate Directory will search for Richard in the finance department or for a Richard that has finance in his title. An Active Directory query has never been more accurate.

Watch our video demonstration of Corporate Directory to see how easy and effective the search is.

Automatically read contact details from Microsoft Active Directory

Once installed on any desktop or laptop member of an Active Directory network Corporate Directory will automatically locate the Active Directory server and will fetch contact details of everyone in your organization. No configuration and no settings are needed.


Ultra fast “Google like” search on any criteria

Find contact details of anyone in less than a second!
Unlike traditional phone book software Corporate Directory provides a “Google like” search box. You may write any criteria, or partial criteria, of a person and all contact matching this criteria will be displayed instantly. This includes names, titles, departments, addresses, numbers or any other Active Directory field red by Corporate Directory.


Contact information available offline

All contact information that Corporate Directory reads is available offline. You will be able to quickly look up any contact information even when outside the office.


Read Contact details from multiple AD domains

If you have more than one Active Directory domain you can configure Corporate Directory to read contact information from additional domains. For instructions: How to configure Corporate Directory to read contact details from additional domains.


Read contact details from a shared Excel file

You can place an Excel file with contact list on a shared folder and have Corporate Directory to read the information. For instructions see: How to configure Corporate Directory to read contact information from an Excel file. This is useful if you wish to create a shared contact lists of external parties such as customers, vendors or service providers.


Display employee photos

Sometimes it is easier to match a face to a person you are looking for. Corporate Directory allows display of employee photos by hovering the mouse on the person’s  first or last name. The photos need to be placed on a network folder with read permission to all Corporate Directory users. The location of the photos and the way each photo is linked to the correct person and Active Directory account can be easily centrally configured. This configuration will be picked up automatically by all Corporate Directory clients in the organization. For more information see how to configure photos.


Users can update their contact information back to Active Directory

Every user in the organization can use Corporate Directory in order to update his phone number, office location or mobile phone number. This information is updated in the organizational Active Directory so all other users that have Corporate Directory will see the latest contact information. This feature is optional and may be disabled.


Hide unwanted Active Directory accounts from the phone book

Corporate Directory allows hiding unwanted AD accounts from the search results. Normally there are some technical or system related Active Directory accounts. Preventing these accounts can be done by making sure they have no office phone nor mobile phone numbers in their AD record and by selecting the option “Search results must include phone/mobile” in the application settings. There is also a way to filter out AD accounts from the phone book that reside in a specific OU (Active Directory organization unit).


Easy to install on all computers in the organization

Corporate Directory installation file is provided in MSI (Windows Installer) format. You can use windows installer service together with Microsoft Group Policy (GPO) in order to install Corporate Directory to all computers in your organization. This can also be done in a silent way – without user intervention. For instructions see: How to deploy Corporate Directory to all computers.



Give Corporate Directory the look and feel of your company brand. You can place your company’s logo on the application window and you can also customize the phone book text that appears on the top pane.


Install using custom settings

Corporate Directory can be installed to users using various custom settings. This may include what are the fields that are shown on the application window (from the setting menu list), what fields are searchable, what are the order in which the fields are displayed, may users update their own details back to Active Directory and other customization. These custom settings can be recorded in a setting file called: CustomerDefaultProfile and can be distributed with the installation. During the install the application will pickup all the settings from this file. See more information about using custom application settings during install.


Export search results to a CSV file

Corporate Directory allows you to export phone book search results to a CSV format. In order to do this press Ctrl+E keyboard combination while in the application window. A “save as” dialog box will open allowing you to save to file the list of contacts.


Run on Terminal Server and Citrix

Corporate Directory can run on windows terminal server or on Citrix servers  This enables each user working  on a shared server to run his own instance of Corporate Directory.


Number pattern replacement

Corporate Directory allows setting up numbers translation or replacement rules. This allows adding or removing prefixes from numbers based on specific rules. For example: if in your Active Directory you record a 5 digit office extension for each employee you may add a rule to add predefined numbers as prefix to display the complete dialing number for every employee.


Support Active Directory Federated Services for Office365

Corporate Directory supports Active Directory that uses federated services with Active Directory proxy and DirSync server. This allows organizations that use office365 to use Corporate Directory including the update personal info feature.

Turn a shared Excel contact list into a handy Excel address book!

Corporate Directory enables organizations to easily turn Excel files into shared contact lists, Excel address books, or phone books. With a few mouse clicks, the Excel files you use every day for contact information such as phone numbers, names, titles, emails, and companies can be turned into a powerful contact management platform. All you have to do is to place the Excel file on a network folder and have Corporate Directory pick it up. Our software, installed on all user computers, picks up the Excel contact information and puts it to work. All contacts are now easily accessible and searchable using an ultra-fast and easy Excel address book.

You are by no means limited to Excel contacts. Our flexible phone book makes it easy to open up your directory to all internal and external contacts. Whether accessed through Excel, Microsoft Active Directory, or other sources, with Corporate Directory everyone in the organization can share and find contacts rapidly and easily. The Excel contact function is especially useful to share among employees contacts of external parties such as customers, suppliers and service providers stored in an Excel address book file.

In addition to Excel contacts, you can export your contacts from Outlook or a Gmail account and have them searchable for quick look up in Corporate Directory. This extensible yet simple interface is easy to use for large networked and small companies whose corporate phonebooks do not connect to a company/organizational network – no need for a server, or configuration. If you do not have Microsoft Active Directory, you can still benefit from this centralized and robust phone book software. Corporate Directory will pull contacts from all your key databases across internal and external contacts.

Sharing your phonebook is easy over Corporate Directory. Simply put all information in an Excel file, and place your Excel contacts in a network folder. That’s it! Corporate Directory can now pick up your Excel address book entries across your organization. Once in the directory, all Excel contacts can easily be accessed by anyone in the organization through the rapid search function.

Updating contacts is seamless. When the Corporate Directory is installed, a default Excel file is placed in the application folder and a shortcut is placed on the desktop. You can input contact data into this Excel address book and Corporate Directory will immediately start reading this information.

Corporate Directory can be configured to read any Excel file structure. Our support department will be able to create a filter to read your custom Excel contact list. Get a custom Excel format filter please send an email to support@corporate-directory.net and attach the Excel file that you would like Corporate Directory to read (available for paying for customers).

Once contacts are shared, our smart search engine turns Corporate Directory into a productivity tool. It is not necessary to specify fields by selecting cumbersome dropdown menus and inputting queries into fields. Start typing the name and any other search parameters you want to find and up pops your contact. For example, if you want customer Joe Frank at ABC Company, “Frank” and “ABC” will pull up your contact in a flash. One mouse click and your contact is live, with full details, photo, and options for making instantaneous contact.

Deployment of an Excel address book is easy, and no compromise is made on Corporate Directory’s powerful features and functionality.

Corporate Directory is the fastest and easiest way to create a shared address book.



Employee photos bring organizational phone book directories alive. When you can put a face to the person you are doing business with, trust is more likely to develop. Trust helps to build more active and productive relationships with internal and external clients.

Displaying employee photos will also help you make a deeper and more lasting impression in your business relationships. Humans are extremely visual; we think largely in images, not words. The majority of what we retain is visually based. Providing employee photos is no longer optional. As social media plays a larger role in our business communications, we expect companies to display photos. We like to see whom we are communicating with.


Employee Photos Bring Global Teams Together

Multinational corporations are seeking to bridge cultural gaps and create a more cooperative and productive global workforces are increasingly choosing to display photos. Employee photos are valuable communications tools that enhance cooperation among team members. When you display photos in company phone books you help create an emotional connection between colleagues. Visualizing the workforce can aid in the understanding of other work cultures and close cultural divides.

Corporate Directory makes it effortless to add photos to your internal communications. Instead of using complicated Active Directory Photo tools you can use Corporate Directory to display photos of everyone in the organization so you can easily visualize your colleagues. The more information you have on a colleague, the more willing you will be to cooperate and work as a team. Overall, visual business communications are more productive, profitable and enjoyable.


Simplifying Management of Employee Photos

Managing employee photos with Corporate Directory is so easy. You do not have to be an IT professional to display employee photos in Corporate Directory.  Typically, maintaining Active Directory photo contact databases with is an extra challenge for IT staff charged with keeping company phone books current. Most systems only allow system administrators access to the phone book records. Corporate Directory has simplified the process of updating corporate records opening it to everyone.

There is no need to expand the schema of Microsoft Active Directory to include the ability to display photos. Nor do you have to worry about heavy traffic load or site replication between offices creating a large volume of photos. Implementing photos in Corporate Directory does not require importing them to Active Directory. This complex and difficult process required by other phone book systems involves time consuming maintenance.

With Corporate Directory, you do not have to be an IT techie to display photos. All you need to do is place the employee photos in a network folder and tell the software to pick up the photos and display them. Creating a visual phone directory only takes a few mouse clicks.

In order to use Microsoft Active Directory photo you will have to face a size limit of 100KB and if you are using the PowerShell cmdlets that come with Exchange 2010 it will not let you upload an image larger than 10KB. The Active Directory Forest schema must be extended to 2008 version.


How to View Employee Photos

Once configured, it is easy to view employee photos. To find an employee, use our market leading, one-second search results capability. After locating your contact, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the first or last name of the person and the photo pops out (see the video on our home page to better understand how it works).

Corporate Directory makes personalizing the user experience through a visual company phone book system easy and accessible to all. Employees can use our self-update of contact details feature to keep their profiles current. Our zero administration employee photos feature is yet another way to reduce the daily tasks performed by IT staff.

Display Employee Photos


Contact information update to Active Directory is normally done by a system administrator using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool. Corporate Directory allows anyone to update their own contact information back to Active Directory.

Corporate Directory eliminates the burden from the IT staff to manually update Active Directory contact information of employees. It replaces the use of Active Directory Users and Computers interface with a user friendly intuitive UI that every employee can use. This updates active directory attributes allowing other users to see the most resent contact details. No security permission configuration is required for this feature to work.

Self update Active Directory is an optional feature of Corporate Directory. Some organizations may choose to disable it.

Active Directory self update can be done easily by right mouse click on the Corporate Directory tray icon and choosing “Update Personal Info”. In the next window you can update the following fields:

● Phone number
● Mobile phone number
● Fax number
● Office location

Any contact information detail updated by anyone using Corporate Directory becomes visible by all other people in the organization allowing them active directory search of the most recent and updated information.

Keeping Active Directory attributes organized and updated with current contact information of all employees is a challenge most organizations struggle with. Many implement identity management systems and various software tools help with this task. Allowing users to update Active Directory attributes on their own is the most efficient and cost effective way to address this challenge.

The branding feature allows organizations to add their own logo to the Corporate Directory window title and to change the text displayed on the top pane of the search window:

Corporate Directory window color theme can be changed by using the Ctrl+T keyboard keys. Choose from built in themes or send us email and we will create a color theme according to your choice.  An organization may choose that all installations will be locked down to a specific theme w.

Corporate Directory is a highly customized software. Each organization may choose and lock down or allow users to edit any of the following Settings:

Which columns are displayed in the main window and in which order

Will people without a phone and mobile be filtered out in the search result display?

Choose a custom folder on the network to store employee photos

Are users allowed to update their own contact information back to Active Directory?

Are the users allowed to launch the setting window?

Version 5.2.4

> Read contact details from one (or more) Excel file. The file can be placed on network folder for all clients to read.
> Press Ctrl+e in the main application window to export search results to CSV file
> Press “Ctrl+d” to copy to clipboard email addresses of all search results


Version 4.4.5

> Improved user interface
> New tray icon & desktop icon
> Support Windows 7 – 64bit
> Added ability to display home phone field
> Application window title can be set as hyper link to any url
> Application window size automatically adjusts according to screen resolution
> Change default fade out time to 15 seconds

Bill Manes
University of California
Director of IT

University of California Riverside Extension is using Corp Dir and really likes it. Its really a great tool!

Michael Cox
Ordnance Survey, UK
IT Architect

Corporate Directory has been rolled out successfully to 1200 users. Feed back has been really good for the functionality of the software.

Phillip R. Wheat
BankTrust, USA
Sr. Vice President

I really like this application

Ryan Patriarca
Reminger, USA
Network Administrator

Corporate Directory is an excellent product. It allows us to instantaneously lookup telephone information.
Our users love this product because it is so user friendly!
I am also impressed with how easy it was to setup and implement.

Andy Buckle
Gripple, UK
Information Technology Technician

Corproate Directory works perfectly. Everyone are very happy with it.

Huw Griffiths
TSB Bank, New Zealand
Project Manager

I have been looking at as many solutions as I can find but they all need something else installed (like a web server). I like the fact that your solution ‘just works’.

Jami Heying
La Porte County, IN, USA
IT services

Our users love Corporate Directory! Having our county’s phone and email directory at our fingertips is very appreciated