How to Backup and Restore Active Directory

Active Directory is a database with a unique purpose. It is implemented in Windows domain networks and handles read and search operations. The main purpose of an Active Directory Domain Controller is to authorize and authenticate the users and computers in a domain environment.

Imagine you have a small business with a single AD domain controller and it goes…

How to Transfer Active Directory FSMO Roles

In an Active Directory Forest there are five Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) roles which are assigned to one or more domain controllers in the environment. Out of those five, two are forest wide operation roles and three are domain wide.

Forest-wide Operation Master Roles:

  • Schema master
  • Domain naming master

In the whole forest there has to be only one…

How to manage Exchange Global Address List

A Global Address List (GAL) can be referred to as a directory which has lists for every user, group and contact within an organization that is using Microsoft Exchange. No matter what version of Exchange Server you are running, you will have to manage the GAL so that the end user gets a seamless experience. The basic functionality of GAL is to allow users to look…

How to perform AD Users bulk update

Performing AD users bulk update may be a fairly simple task in a small organization however if you are working in an Enterprise level and want to update / edit certain fields in the Active Directory Users in bulk then you can leverage the steps mentioned in this article. There may be several different approaches that you can take in order to accomplish this task,…

Using Active Directory Query tools to simplify Network Administration

If you are managing a Microsoft Active Directory you will need to perform various queries on users and other objects in AD. This is even more important if your organization is large and has many people and infrastructure. You can use the built-in Microsoft command: “dsquery” to perform Active Directory queries. If you have some basic scripting knowledge…

Active Directory Tools Every Sys Admin Should Try

There are many Active Directory Tools provided by Microsoft and other software vendors to help system administrators with their day to day administration, trouble shooting and various projects related to Active Directory. In this blog post we will review some of the more useful and popular tools out there.

Active Directory Cleanup – AD TIDY by Chris Wright

Corporate Directory now runs on Terminal Server

Corporate Directory version was released. The BIG news is that now it runs on Terminal server and Citrix. This was made possible by building a technology to allow each user to save his own setting running on the same machine.…

Windows Server 2012 has 2 versions – Standard and Datacenter

Microsoft have changed the number of variant of  Windows Server platform. Prior to 2012 Microsoft had more than 6 variants of the Windows Server platform. In Windows Server 2012 they limited it to just 2: Standard and Data center. The rest of the variants has bee merged into these two or as features or roles within these two.
In Windows server 2012 Microsoft…

Need VM Dependability as well as Uptime? Hyper-V on Machine Central

When at TechEd last thirty day period I heard two things which I have been preaching for some time. Server Core installation (no-GUI) is definitely the advised set up sort commencing with Windows Server 2012. I have been saying this for some time on the subject of Windows Server 2008 R2.

Server Core: Dependability and Uptime

In each of a few datacenters that I support…

What is brand-new for Team Coverage in Windows Server 2012

Takeaway: Scott Lowe covers a number of the extra features and enhancements with regard to Party Plan within Home windows Host 2012, which includes assistance regarding Home windows 8.

Ms typically contributes lots of latest features within every effective relieve House windows Hosting server. With the approaching launch of Glass windows Machine Next …