Active Directory Tools Every Sys Admin Should Try

There are many Active Directory Tools provided by Microsoft and other software vendors to help system administrators with their day to day administration, trouble shooting and various projects related to Active Directory. In this blog post we will review some of the more useful and popular tools out there.

Active Directory Cleanup – AD TIDY by Chris Wright


Chris Wright is a software developer from the UK who has written many useful Active Directory tools to help system administrators to do their job faster and easier. Chris provides a free version for most of his software.

AD TIDY by Chris is a software utility that will help you find out what are the users and computers in Active Directory that are no longer used. AD TIDY is a great tool because it has built-in a set of reports to let you find the unused AD objects and it will also allow you to perform bulk operation on them such as delete, disable or move to another OU. For advanced purposes you can use AD TIDY to perform bulk modifications of specific AD attributes.

Active Directory Phone Book – Corporate Directory by view2c

Corporate Directory features

Employee directory is an essential tool for any organization. By allowing users to find contact details of their colleges you will save their time and improve internal communications. There are various approaches for internal directory, some use a web based portal and other rely on the information visible in Outlook. In any case having an updated easy to use employee directory is a challenge.

An organizational phone book or employee directory is an Active Directory tool that is made to be used by the actual end users and not by IT system administrators.

Corporate Directory by View2c brings a new approach to employee directory – why not use existing contact information already in Active Directory as an employee directory. It is lightweight software that runs in the tray icon. Once installed it will automatically identify the Active Directory to which the computer belongs to and pull contact information of all users in AD. Corporate Directory provides a powerful AD tool that allows “Google Like” search that will display instant results by typing any employee property in the search box. Corporate Directory displays photos and works offline. In case your Active Directory does not contain contact information you may use Corporate Directory to allow people to update their own contact information directly to Active Directory. You can download a fully working 60 days trial version of Corporate Directory here.

AD Tool to Manage Active Directory Photos – by CodeTwo

Manage Active Directory Photos

CodeTwo is a software company established in 2007 by Michal and Jarek Bednarz in Poland. The company develops a variety of tools for Microsoft environment. CodeTwo offer a nice collection of free tools.

Many organizations are looking to have their employee photos in Active Directory to allow more personal communication. Having the photos in AD will automatically display them in Outlook, Lync and other Microsoft and 3rd party AD tools.

Importing and managing photos in Active Directory can be challenging as they need to be compliant with file size (100kb) and format limitations. CodeTwo Active Directory Photos is a free software tool that will help you bulk upload photos to AD and make sure they are in the right format and size. You can also use this tool to bulk export AD Photos. The application is very simple and intuitive to use.

Update Users Attributes – Bulk AD Users by WiseSoft

Bulk AD Users

There are many situations in which you need to perform bulk upload or user properties bulk update such as their phone number, department, location or just to make sure that all users comply to a certain standard naming convention of user account or email address. WiseSoft from UK provides some nice free AD tool just for this purpose: Bulk AD Users. This software will let you do all AD users bulk updates you may need. This tool has two basic modes of operation one is using the application user interface to perform updates to users’ properties that match a certain criteria and the and the other is by exporting a list of users to a CSV file performing the updates on that file and uploading the file back to Active Directory.

If you are looking to get you Active Directory administration job much easier and faster you should also take a look at the Active Directory tools by these leading software vendors: